I Wish I Knew This About Coronavirus

Story/Video posted April 13, 2020 in News by Lauren Ansell

UNIONTOWN, Pa -- Penn State students give advice to their younger self with the information and experiences they've had in the past ten days.

Students reflect on their best and worst experiences throughout this pandemic. Some are staying positive by jumping into old hobbies like playing video games or making puzzles. Many students lost their physical graduation ceremony and properly saying goodbye to their friends and professors they've met at Penn State. 

Students ended their videos with advice they would have given to their ten-day younger self if they knew how the coronavirus would have affected their lives. 

There are students that remain in the State College area, like Justin Lange, while Caitlin Lee is staying with her family hours away from Penn State. These students are scattered across Pennsylvania: Liz irvin, Lillian Swartzell, Brynn Laurash, Joe Harre, Paige Hooven and Amanda Lieu.