I Wouldn’t Quit My Job, Even If I Was Rich

Video posted December 5, 2018 in News by Keilah Laing


If you love your job, they say you'll never actually work a day in your life. Being passionate about what you do is one thing, but for Tattoo Artist Adam Zimmer believes he'd still continue his job as a tattooist even if he did hit the lottery. Adam's apprentice, Jordan Haines feels the same way. Adam and Jordan both opened Paper Moon Tattoo Shop on Pugh Street in State College last year and business has taken off. Since then, their love for creating art on ones body has motivated them to continue to keep doing what they love, but also put a piece of them into the work they create. With having those strong morals as artist, both Adam and Jordan will continue to tranform and create on their clients one tattoo at a time.