If Jesus Rode Motorcycles

Video posted May 1, 2014 in News by Frances Greek


Thomas Adonolfi is a born again Christian man who is also the pastor and founder of Ironhorse Biker Church in Red Lion, Pennsylvania. His church has no walls, their ministry is performed out on the road.

Tom's favorite Bible passage is luke 14:23 which says " Jesus said, go out to the highways and the byways and compel them to commend". Adonolfi's church does exactly that, on motorcycles. He has held church services, marriages and funerals in bars, taverns and parking lots, sharing his story with others along the way. He has become a part of a large and active christian motorcycle culture in south-central Pennsylvania.

After moving out to California and becoming involved with the Hells Angels, Adonolfi found himself wrapped up in the gang life, which involved drugs, drinking, promiscuity and running drugs and other illegal activity for the gangs. After he came to the Lord, he left that lifestyle behind him. He says that his insides were different but his outside hasn't changed.

Looking like a stereotypical biker, Adonolfi uses this as a way to be true to himself, connect to other bikers to bring them to the Lord, and to open the minds of those who are judgmental towards bikers.

He says that the brotherhood is the same, be it as part of the gang or with his christian brothers. Along the way he has met many people who have similar stories, such as Tom Leech, president of the York chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. The two men and their organizations work closely together to identify needs in their community and fill them, under the radar. They aren't searching for recognition or approval, but they're not hiding either. Tom says that when their bikes pull up theres no hiding. They have done a lot of work for veterans through the American Legion of Red Lion.

Both men intend to continue serving the Lord and enjoying their "steel-steeds" until they can't anymore.