I’m A Performer

Video posted December 15, 2015 in News by Cara Markward


Kenny Sukitch isn’t your average Civil Engineering Major.  He is a musician and part-time DJ at a fraternity every Friday night too.  Kenny explained that the tough engineering curriculum made him feel overwhelmed.  He said that the only thing to keep him sane was playing his music.  He was in a band in high school, but they broke up as they went to college due to distance.  He realized that his sanity was important and so he started playing music again to relieve some stress.  He recently released three original songs on iTunes and has sold over 100 copies.  Kenny said that this was a great way to make some money for a broke college student. 

After an uncle gave him a bass for his 12th birthday, Kenny began to take his first lessons.  He said he had only played the saxophone before so the feeling was weird to him.  After a couple months of playing, it became natural and he fell in love with playing.  He then learned to play the guitar and said it was like learning a whole new instrument because two more strings were added.  But once again, his underlying love for music prevailed and he became an expert guitarist too.  Once college came about, he wanted to experiment more and write/produce his own songs.  He expressed that this is one of the hardest things to do because if you try too hard you will not succeed, but if you just let it come to you, you can make good quality songs.  Kenny said that he plans to continue his music career throughout his lifetime and will continue to produce songs on the side.

Kenny said that his dream would be to play music full-time, but he knows that the chances of that possibility are very slim.  This is why he chose to major in engineering; a major he knew would most certainly land him a day job.  Kenny said he understood that he needed to make ends meat, but he didn’t want a life without music.  He decided to listen to the words of a friend’s father and work a 9-5 job that would give him a nice salary, and then do what he loves at night.  Now that he has learned the stress of making and producing his own music, Kenny realizes that working in the music industry all the time might not be the best decision anyway.  He explained how many people tend to burn out from doing what they love if they overdo it and he didn’t want that to ever happen.