Intimate Affair

Story posted March 14, 2016 in News by Lesly Salazar

Matt Lasor has been singing and playing instruments since he was six years old. It’s guided him through difficult times in his life, and he considers it the most intimate affair he’s ever had.

Lasor’s father is a pastor, which means he sat with his mother while she belted out the choir music every Sunday morning. That’s where his love of music began. He realized he could play any instrument he picked up after he stopped “trying to read the music and started trying to hear it.”

“I have a nearly semantic memory of music. I can recite Mozart’s Requiem to you from memory.”

Lasor not only memorizes music and plays a variety of instruments. What he plays and sings is dependent on his mood.

“Piano is what I play when I feel like I’m alone and need a friend, because somehow I feel like it feels like I do.”

His favorite instrument? The voice. Lasor performed with Penn State’s top competitive jazz ensemble, Center Dimensions, during the fall semester of 2015. He’s currently in the middle of negotiating a music contract with a producer that he’s in a nondisclosure agreement with.