Jam session provides an antidote to study stress

Story posted March 10, 2013 in News by Ashley Pose

Eric Volpone is a senior at Penn State University majoring in computer science. After a long day of class and working as a teacher assistant, Eric enjoys winding down at the end the day with his guitar. Volpone has played the guitar for over ten years. After taking lessons for a couple of years, Volpone was ready to take his lessons into his own hands. He said he would listen to songs on the radio and realize, "hey I can play that".

Daryl Tamondong is a senior at Penn State University majoring in Kinesiology. Tamondong currently has a lot on his plate from classes to working to his internship duties. He relaxes by taking a moment to chill out and play his guitar.

Volpone and Tamondong often make time to meet up and play together. Volpone even leaves his guitar at Daryl's house so he could just show up and start playing. "Jamming together is a great way to pass time," Volpone says. "Music can relate to anybody and it is a huge advantage to learn how to play an instrument."

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