Life During the Corona Virus

Story/Video posted April 13, 2020 in News by Melina Chumley


Students from Penn State were enjoying their Spring Break until they received an email on March 11, 2020 saying that they would not be returning to in person classes until April 6 at the earliest. That quickly changed to classes being online for the rest of the semester.

Once this happened, Comm 481 students were asked to film themselves answering questions to what they wish they would have known about the virus 10 days prior. In these videos, you see that everyone is scattered around the place but still share the same feelings.

Each person shares their own experience and how this has impacted their lives. Participating in this story are Lillian Swartzell, Caitlin Lee, Amanda Thieu, Kayla Simmons, Justin Lange, Paige Hoover, and Carli Tornetta.