Life in Color

Story posted December 9, 2014 in News by Maggie Glass


When it comes time to registering for classes, how do you really know what you’re getting yourself involved in?  Those who signed up for Introduction to Painting, with Melissa Forkner were in for a treat.  On Monday and Wednesday nights from six till eight fifteen, students have the opportunity to escape their major and paint for fun.  Student, Sarah Desiderio, a senior Print Journalism major, loves the chance to just have fun, and not stress about papers to write.  The soft music and lax atmosphere Mel creates for the class gives the painters a sense of ease while painting, or at least that is what Mel intends. 

Melissa Forker, who prefers “Mel,” didn’t know how teaching would affect her personal artwork.  Before taking the position as an instructor, she had other art teachers tell her it could ruin her own creativity.  Fortunately, Mel feels the complete opposite.  She feels that the students actually inspire her and motivate her to work on her own projects.  This class is a hidden treasure at Penn State, and can easily become a fan favorite within the first few strokes of the brush.