Lion Ambassadors Host Annual Haunted Valley Tours

Story posted October 22, 2018 in News, CommRadio by Grace Miller

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The Lion Ambassadors provided a look into Penn State’s past when they hosted their annual Haunted Valley event Saturday night. Despite the evening’s rain, the event gave those in attendance a tour of the most haunted places on the University Park campus. Along the way, tour groups met characters who retold the stories of the ghosts that are rumored to reside there.

Kids were given treat bags to collect sweets along the way, as Lion Ambassadors guided the way through the rainy night with lanterns.
Junior Genevieve Kent led one of the several tour groups that night. She said this was her first year giving a Haunted Valley tour and that she was looking forward to it.

“For me, Haunted Valley is just a fun time for the student body to come together, and it’s a fun in-the-season-type event. It’s spooky and all that good stuff. This is my first year doing it, so it’ll be a new experience for me as well,” Kent said.

The tour started at Old Main and ended at the Hintz Family Alumni Center, where there were free food and activities. Some of the food included custom candy apples, blueberry and pumpkin pies, apple cider and hot chocolate. Guests were invited to explore a haunted house, get balloon animals and socialize inside. Acapella and the smell of fresh popcorn set a festive mood for the night.

Senior Jeremy Griffith said the event was fun and educational. He said his favorite part was learning about the 1960’s murder in the library from a scripted actor who was pretending to be the ghost.

“I thought it was interesting. It definitely taught me things that I didn’t know about the college… I would definitely recommend this to people,” Griffith said. “I got to learn more about Penn State, and it was a really fun experience.”


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