Makeup Event with Penn State Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

Story posted March 24, 2023 in CommRadio, News by Alison Patton

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. —The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity hosted the event “Makeup: A Discussion of Beauty Standards and Ethical Practices,” on Tuesday in the HUB-Robenson center to discuss the symbolic, literal and ethical meanings of makeup.

Event organizer Emma Duffy led the room in discussion of the ideas and values of makeup, whether that be in a casual, everyday setting or in an extravagant event, like drag. Duffy said she struggled to find information and research on makeup in underrepresented communities, like LGBTQA+.

“Like people, a part of the community has such a big impact on makeup. Especially in drag culture, that we were talking about, has a huge impact on makeup,” Duffy said.

The second half of the event began with a makeup tutorial before participants got hands on with makeup. Allie Hetzel got to test out a new look. The sophomore was encouraged to go to the event and participate in the activities by a supportive group of friends.

“Because whenever I try to do anything remotely girly, I always feel like I’m being seen, or something happens and I’m like ‘Nope going back in the closet, nope never mind,’” Hetzel said.

Jordyn, one of Hetzel’s friends, attended the event to also learn a little bit about makeup. She said makeup is a form of “doodling” that gives her a forum for expression. Another outlet Jordyn uses frequently is clothing.

“I never want to wear clothing that doesn’t express who I am as a person,” Jordyn said. “I almost always wear pretty casual clothing because I’m a pretty casual person.”

Alison Patton is a second-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email