Making EPs For The Kids

Story posted March 2, 2017 in News by Waiss David Aramesh


Mike D’Avella has been playing music for a long time. The Penn State College of Communications student cites his early influencers as the Backstreet Boys and remembers experimenting with the guitar and drums at a young age.

D’Avella isn’t experimenting anymore. He managed to put out an EP on both Spotify and iTunes and is donating the money that he makes from his music to a cause close to Penn Staters' hearts. D’Avella, a host of Penn State’s THON webcast which broadcasts the dance marathon that raises money for pediatric caner research, has decided to donate all the proceeds that he makes from his music for the very same cause: THON.

D'Avella said that there's no reason for him to make money from his music at the time, adding that the familes affected by pediatric cancer at THON "need it a lot more than [he does]."