Marching For Our Lives

Story/Video posted April 2, 2018 in News by Alex Lake and Brad Wakai


Saturday, March 24th will be remembered in history as moment in time the younger generation and old came together to impact gun violence. Whether or not, the marches seen across the country will have any effect on law making will be determined down the road. However, this event was a start to what many people involved say is overdue.

Mitch Hunter is a graduate student of Penn State. He was out marching with hundreds of other people in State College to voice support of gun control. He also supported the March because it was put together by high school students.

“I think that’s really exciting, he said. Sadly they’re the ones whose lives are most directly affected by this threat.”

Protestors marched from State College High School to Old Main lawn on Penn State’s campus where chants broke out and speakers rallied the crowd with their rhetoric.

“There’s too many guns… it’s pretty simple and we need to do something about it, Hunter said.”

As many in the crowd noted, it was a good starting place in regards to gun control, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Reporter: Alex Lake

Edited by Brad Wakai