Matt Triveri plays open mic night at the Phyrst

Story posted March 10, 2013 in News by Iris Peters

Matt Triveri is your typical college kid who goes to class, studies and does homework but he manages to find time in his busy schedule every Monday to have a little fun.

Triveri, who learned to play the guitar at age 12, plays at the Phyrst's open mic night with two of his buddies. He plays the guitar in the band and is the lead vocalist, a skill he stumbled across by accident.

When Triveri started taking guitar lessons he was forced to put on shows with his fellow guitar students. When one was unable to make it to the show they had Triveri sing the song while playing. His voice was actually good and from that point on he continued to sing, write his own music and cover his favorite songs.

You can hear him cover artists from Jack Johnson to Outkast at the Phyrst and he will always stick around after playing to hang out.

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