Meet Behrend Benefiting THON

Story posted February 18, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Christian Smith

When it comes to THON, it doesn't matter what Penn State campus you are at since all 19 satellite campuses are involved with it in some way, shape or form.

Penn State Behrend, located in Erie, Pennsylvania contributes with the Behrend Benefiting THON initiative.

Jennifer Gustafson, a fourth-year student majoring in mechanical engineering, and Tyler Reilly, a fourth-year student dual majoring in accounting and project supply chain management, are both dancing in THON this year, and they spoke with us about what their THON organization is all about.

Like the THON organizations at University Park, Behrend Benefiting THON does many different types of fundraisers throughout the academic year.

"Throughout the year, we do several different fundraising events," Gustafson said. "We do smaller events such as dime to donates; we do a 46-hour running and cycling marathon; we do a 24-hour THON here on campus."

The mini THON held at the Behrend campus is meant to give all Penn State Behrend students the chance to dance and to increase awareness of Pediatric Cancer.

In addition, they hosted a disc golf tournament for the first time, along with the usual volleyball tournament as more fun ways to raise funds for THON.

Reilly said that despite Behrend being a smaller campus, its THON organization still has a solid 50 members in it, and they still manage to host large fundraisers.

He added that most of those members and other students will be present at THON weekend, where they will be placed on teams and alternate shifts in their specific section in the Bryce Jordan Center. Members who are on a break will have the opportunity to eat and get some sleep before returning to the center.

This year, five dancers, including Gustafson and Reilly, will be proudly representing Behrend Benefiting THON at the Bryce Jordan Center.

Reilly wants people to know what they are most proud of for Behrend Benefiting THON.

"I feel like it's our dedication," Reilly said. "Being a small THON organization, the dancers are the ones who are most committed and dedicated to our organization -- and I feel like whenever it comes to other commonwealths, that's not necessarily the case."

Gustafson added that Behrend is a small, yet "mighty" group and she emphasized Reilly's point that they have a dedicated group that is fully committed to the fight against Pediatric Cancer.

Here at CommRadio, and Penn State University Park, we applaud not only Penn State Behrend, but all of our satellite campuses for their efforts in THON.


Christian Smith is a fourth-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email