Meet Penn State’s Queer and Trans People of Color Club

Story posted January 30, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Kileigh Kane

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Penn State’s Queer and Trans People of Color Club talk about upcoming events and what the club being on campus means to them.

President Celeste Good begins by talking about how the club meets once a week, having general meetings where the group members discuss things that are relevant to all of them. Celeste stated that next week’s meeting would focus on love languages.

The members on the executive board explain the events that the club puts on such as drag shows, game nights and bake sales. The club has also held vigils to honor victims of tragedies.

Caelli Johnson explains Lavendar Graduation, which is a special event put on by the club to celebrate the graduation of queer students. Johnson says that due to issues with acceptance, many queer people don’t get to have a big celebration.

The club frequently collaborates with other clubs on campus, such as Penn State Lion Pride and the LGBTQA Student Roundtable, hosting events and promoting a safe space for queer and minoritized students on campus.

Celeste Good explains that she has been a member of the club since her first year at Penn State. “It means a lot to have a home and a safe space at Penn State.” When referring to queer and trans people of color, she says “[the club] is where I can be myself and I’m not afraid.” She goes on to talk about being a minority at a predominantly white institution: “it’s hard to find people that relate to you.”

Caelli Johnson speaks highly of the club, emphasizing how much of a safe space it is. “Being a queer person isn’t acknowledged in some spaces, so we can talk about things that are swept under the rug. It’s a place that feels like home.”

Elijah Neal expresses how the club creates a space where people who are not of heteronormativity have a place of their own. “It’s for people who feel they don’t fit into the minority caucus or in other spaces that are predominantly white.”

The student-run Instagram account, @qtpoc_psu shares information on upcoming club meetings and events.


Kileigh Kane is a third-year majoring in telecommunications. To contact her, email