Visits with Mozart

Photo/Story posted December 4, 2013 in News by Courtney LaBeach


Mozart McCullough Stapleford is known as an uplifting animal. He is therapeutic. He can calm and make people happy.

Mavis Stapleford was given Mozart when the dog was two years old. Mozart had been abused and was never picked up from the grooming salon.

"A women came into Petsmart and literally threw him on the floor and said I never want to see him again.

On the day Stapleford's husband passed away, the owner of Petsmart visited Stapleford's house and put the Mozart on her lap.

"She asked if I could take him. I thought to myself no I can't, but I heard myself saying yes, I will! After that day two people that needed each other were together."

Stapleford took him to be trained at Therapy Dog Inc. because he was so relaxed.

"Mozart shows a great amount of affection towards people which relaxes people and makes them happy." Therapy dogs, such as Mozart are known to benefit many people’s health. The dogs relieve stress and even lower blood pressure."

Stapleford takes Mozart to nursing houses twice a week.

"I take Mozart to Foxdale Village and Heartside Nursing and Rehabilitation every week. I have even taken him to the Penn State, Mont Alto campus to releive stress during finals."

Stapleford really helps the residents by taking Mozart to visit them. Mozart is comforting to the people which makes them feel better. "Nurses have said when the residesnts see Mozart they sleep better at night."



Mozart the fashionista

Stapleford dresses Mozart in many costumes to entertain the residents at the nursing homes. Mozart's goggles are a favorite.