Music brings me home

Story posted October 17, 2016 in News by Yi Jing Liao


Mary Lai is a senior student in Penn State. She is an international student from Taiwan, and she came to the United States three years ago. She said she started to play ukulele two years ago when her sister started to picking it up. She is really close to her sister, she sees her sister as her best friend. When her sister started to play ukulele, Lai thought it would be a good way to bond with her sister if they play ukulele together. 

At first, she learned ukulele by watching tutorial video on Youtube, and tried to play cover songs. Gradually, she can even sing along with herself playing ukulele. She said she is really glad she leanred how to play ukulele, becasue when she went on roadtrip with her family, Lai's sister would play ukulele in the car and Lai and her family would sing along with it. Lai said she really enjoys the bond ukulele brings to them. 

Lai is in television production major, she likes to make videos for her family and friends to express her appreciation. And she found singing along with ukulele was actually a fun and effective way to show love to friends and family. So she made one for her father, and uploaded it to facebook since her father was in Taiwan. She modified the lyrics of a Chinese song, and sang along with ukulele. Lai said it was her favorite one.