Musician shares his knowledge at Rainbow Music as he works for his big break as a performer

Story posted October 17, 2012 in News by Mike Stehlin

Harold Taddy is a musician who performs in State College. Originally from California, Taddy moved to central Pennsylvania three years ago.

He plays original music at several venues in the downtown area and says that he likes to play a lot of free form music with his accompanying musicians. He plays with several other musicians including a violinist, saxophone and flute player, and an experimentalist who plays the baritone and ukelele. With an album coming out soon, Taddy intends to tour around the area.

Taddy is also a full time employee at the downtown store Rainbow Music. Taddy is a salesman and frequently helps customers select the proper instruments and accessories. A vintage gear enthusiast himself, Taddy is right at home at Rainbow Music, which sells a wide variety of vintage guitars and gear.