Nerd Nite Debut in State College

posted February 16, 2019 in CommRadio, News by Leeann Stapleton

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - There’s a new nightlife attraction in State College for all the nerds, geeks and dweebs in State College. Wednesday night at Webster’s Bookstore and Café was the first State College Nerd Nite, which was a hit with those in attendance.

Speakers included Dr. Stephanie Madden on the history of craftivism, Dr. Michael Mann on climate change and extreme weather and Shannon Bishop on the art of belly dance.

The owner of Webster’s, Elaine Meder-Wilgus, is excited to have this event in State College and is proud to be hosting it.

“I really like to celebrate the sort of passion that people have about a subject that they know a lot about, something that excites them and to bring that excitement maybe a little bit of humor and irreverence,” Meder-Wilgus said.

Members of the crowd, including Alexa Krepps, believe having an event like Nerd Nite in town can help bring the community together and give people the opportunity to connect with others.

“I’ve come to similar events like this in larger cities like Philadelphia and New York,”Krepps said. “They have some really interesting topics to talk about and it’s great. It’s like coming to a live Ted Talk.”

Don Bedell of 98.7 the FREQ also came out to host a short, classic rock trivia game with people of all ages. Otto’s Pub and Brewery also featured some of their favorite local IPA’s at the event.

State College’s Nerd Nite will take place the second Wednesday of each month at Webster’s Bookstore and Café located on East Beaver Avenue. 



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