Video posted May 7, 2015 in Sports, In The Game by In the Game


Sled hockey is a sit down version of ice hockey for players whose disabilities prevent them from playing stand up hockey. In recent history, the sport has proven its growing popularity. Millions of Americans tuned in during the 2014 Sochi Olympics as the United States Sled Hockey team defeated Russia 1 to nothing.


Five years ago, player-coach Gary Runyon and Nick Teodoro wanted to develop a team that they could build to an elite level program. With the help of Lou Galli, the Freeze program and the Aspen Ice program, the New Jersey Freeze Sled Hockey Team was born.


During the offseason, Gary, Nick and the rest of the New Jersey Freeze Sled Hockey Team are working out and preparing for next season. Jack is continuining to work towards reaching his goal of gaining a roster spot for the 2018 United States Paralympic Sled Hockey Team. Tryouts are being held this summer.