NFL Top 10: Week 7

Story posted October 19, 2021 in CommRadio, Sports by Ethan Hetrick

The NFL blowout week has concluded. With one third of the season completed, many NFL teams have been going above and beyond expectations while others are not able to live up to the hype.

So, let’s drop right into this week’s rankings.

1. Arizona Cardinals (6-0)

The Cardinals still have an undefeated record. Not only did they manage to stay undefeated, but they blew out the Cleveland Browns and its stingy defense.

With the streak this team is having and its offensive power, especially with the new addition of veteran tight end Zach Ertz, it seems like they are going all in for a Super Bowl this year.

2. Buffalo Bills (4-2)

After consecutive games of crushing their opponents, the Bills had a surprising loss to the Tennessee Titans. With a sloppy game from Josh Allen and no rushing attack, they didn’t live up to their usual play. But due to it being a close loss, they should be able to bounce back with what is usually a great offense and defense.

3. Los Angeles Rams (5-1)

The Rams’ offensive dominance is a scary sight. Matthew Stafford and Copper Kupp’s connection is still going strong, leading up to 130 yards and two touchdowns between the two this past Sunday.

Also, a surprise standout game for Taylor Rapp who had two interceptions helped stop the New York Giants offense.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-1)

Tampa Bay dropped down in the rankings due to how close of a game it was against the Philadelphia Eagles.

They looked elite for most of the game, but they nearly choked against a bad Eagles squad. Due to this, the reigning champs dropped down one spot since the previous rankings.

5. Baltimore Ravens (5-1)

Even with the 34 points the Ravens put up against the Los Angeles Chargers, it was the defense that made Baltimore look good. Managing to hold Los Angeles’ rushing attack to only 26 yards and giving Justin Herbert his worst game of the year leads to the Ravens jumping up in the power rankings this week.

6. Green Bay Packers (5-1)

In one of the very few non-blowout games this week, the Green Bay Packers managed to hold off the Chicago Bears.

Even though Aaron Rodgers had arguably his worst game against the Bears ever, he wasn’t awful especially since the return of the discount double check. But the Packers are not falling lower in the rankings because their defense played strong, and their run game looks like it is improving.

7. Los Angeles Chargers (4-2)

Even after a horrific defeat from the Ravens, it is just one bad game.

Herbert seems to be a future star in the league and Austin Ekeler is great running back. After a loss, this team will be getting fired up and ready to bounce back after their bye week.

8. Dallas Cowboys (5-1)

Although Dak Prescott may have gotten a minor injury, he showed that he is worth every penny in his monster contract. With two touchdowns and a game winner, Prescott showed how offensively gifted this Dallas team is.

Although the New England Patriots aren’t what they once were, it is always impressive beating Bill Belichick.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (3-3)

Once again, the Chiefs bounce back. It is hard to bet against Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid’s team.

This season has been their rockiest start since Mahomes became the starter, but it seems they are starting to find their footing again with the defense finally doing something and Mahomes lighting up opposing defenses once more.

10. Tennessee Titans (4-2)

The only reason the Titans get the tenth spot over the Cleveland Browns is because of their surprise victory over the Bills. With Derrick Henry leading the charge posting 143 rushing yards and three touchdowns, it just goes to show dominant this offensive team can be.


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