Video posted May 1, 2014 in News by Alexis Shelton


The LGBT community is growing everyday, as more and more people are becoming more comfortable with coming out. The NOH8 campaign is a nationwide campaign that features coming out stories of people. The infamous platinum duct tape with the black and red writing has become a national symbol with celebrities supporting the campaign everyday.

Alex MacAllister is a Penn State junior. With Irish and Hispanic decent, MacAllister deals with the struggles of not being able to bring his partners around his family, despite his mother’s approval. Deonna Dykes is a Penn State senior. Growing up in a Catholic background, being bisexual is a very tough problem for her. Despite having her mother’s approval, her aunt still has problems with it. Dykes faces adversity the most because she likes both men and women, and most people consider her as somebody going through a phase. Alexis Shelton is a Penn State senior as well. Although her  mother is ok with her lifestyle, she often deals with the stares and troubles society brings her because of her masculine style of dress.