Once upon a time with Mexiko

Video posted May 1, 2014 in News by Nicholas Veres


Joey Lenze is a Penn State alumni who currently works with the University conducting research and development for the US Navy. Joey has played in numerous bands throughout his entire life, and continues to do so today. Joey primarily played in punk rock bands but he also has spent the majority of the last 2 years working on a Decoupage inspired punk rock symphony. Fed up with the monotony of the current state of popular music, Joey put together an album that mixes punk rock with classical music while incorporating experimental electronic sounds through the use of a synthesizer.

His cat, Mexiko, heavily inspired the album. The album’s concept and backstory came from a vision Joey had one night. As the world struggles to maintain order and balance, Mexiko comes flying through the skies piloting a very sophisticated space ship and this album is the soundtrack that’s plays during this epic event, which unites the world with high fives and pizza slices. The album has not yet been released in stores but will be available in 160 North American Urban Outfitters locations by mid summer. For those who wish to listen sooner, the album can be listened to and purchased via ITunes and Spotify.