Palmer Museum of Art Puts on ‘Global Asias’ Program

posted April 10, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Kileigh Kane

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa – The Palmer Museum of Art is putting on a virtual interactive program featuring video tours of selected exhibition artists. The virtual show, entitled ‘Global Asias,’ offers many contemporary Asian and Asian-American art. The artwork comes from Jordan D. Schnitzer and his family foundation.

The interactive slideshow begins with a video explaining what Global Asias is. As users progress, they can click through slides that show photographs of multiple pieces and can click on each piece to learn more information about it.

The slideshow offers Global Asia resources, which include videos on how to do certain art styles and an educator resource packet. The exhibit also includes community members of Asian descent sharing their own personal perspectives.

While the interactive slideshow is still available online, the exhibit embarked on a national tour beginning December of 2021. The program is currently at the Knoxville Museum of Art in Knoxville, Tennessee. It will make multiple stops before conclusion in June.

Han Chen, graduate student in art history, says, “I think this Global Asias exhibit can offer a glimpse of Asia that always contains so many different cultures and identities. It would be to everyone’s advantage to learn more about all the different places we come from.”

Joyce Du, undergraduate student who was born in America but considers herself genetically and culturally Chinese, talks about fitting in: “While in America, people at first glance can tell I’m Chinese, so I think it was always controversial that the answer you get can hardly allow you to blend in with society.”

To view the interactive program, visit "Global Asias" Virtual Tour.

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