Parenting Afraid with Patrice

Video posted April 27, 2017 in News by Mahdiyyah Wilson


Patrice Alston is a 32-year-old New Jersey native who became a single mother at age 21 during her senior year at Penn State. Her son, Isaiah is her pride and joy and what Patrice identifies as her reason for living. Homeschooling Isaiah takes up a lot of her time but she lives a fun and spunky life of her own. Full of personality, Patrice has worked numerous jobs which require a lot of charisma, waitressing being one of them. People have praised Patrice’s ability to carry out a conversation with a complete stranger as her charm and humor can’t leave just about anyone smiling. She is a firm believer in God and the church and uses that praise throughout her day. Full of life, Patrice uses God as her leading light saying should not have made it this far without him. She shares that knowledge with her son and combines it with his homeschooling and everyday life.