Path to Skiver

Story posted October 17, 2016 in News by Yu-Ling Liu


Brian Kang is a lead guitarist in Skiver Band, He is a Junior majoring in Communications, he is hoping to get into advertising.

Brian started getting into Rock music when he was eight year-old. He got his first guitar when he was 13, and started to see the potential within him. Brian practiced five hours a day, to prove to his parents that he is good at it. He likes to listen to all kinds of music, and he listens to the chord progressions and the melody, sometimes he would play along with the music.
He started to upload his music on his own youtube channel, one day the vocal of Skiver band asked if he was interested in starting a band together, he knows it is a dream come true, he did not hesitate, and he joined. Last year, Skiver has released their first song, Slur. It actually only took them five hours to write and create the entire song.

Although it was a long and difficult way for Brian to pursue his dream, but he now has proved himself a great guitarist.