Penn State instructor uses voice to make a difference

Video posted April 23, 2012 in News by Michael Ravotti


Penn State Instructor Jeff Brown is a man who wears many hats on the average day.  From teaching students, to running a radio station, to being a morning show host on 93.7 The BUS, Brown is making a difference in more than one way.  At 93.7 The BUS, Brown uses his own voice to make a difference in the community by shining light in places that normally don't receive it, but most likely deserve it.  "Recently," Brown said, "I was able to help the Youth Service Bureau of State College get their message out about Child Abuse Awareness month in April and how there are 'safe houses' throughout State College for children to go to with no questions asked."  At ComRadio, he’s a model for students who want to operate a real world radio station as well as teaching them how to improve every day as a broadcaster.  "It's so cool," Brown stated, " to see somebody come in as a freshman and not be overly good, and then see them walk out as a senior and say 'wow, they have advanced so much.'"  Finally, through his Comm 374 class, Brown uses audio to show students what they are capable of doing with a creative mind and decent sound clips.

Jeff Brown in studio

What all three positions have in common for Brown is audio.  Not only does he use each position to make a living for himself and his family, but also each position allows Brown to enrich the lives of others with something that has gotten him a long way in life, his voice.  "My voice has gotten me extremely far in life, and I don't know what I would have done with a career if I didn't have it."

Brown has a very distinct voice.  This voice has 

actually allowed him to escape some relatively troubling situations.  Brown has forgotten his identification when cashing checks at the bank and someone recognizes his voice and vouches for him.  He has also forgotten his wallet at home when buying groceries, and the cashier has allowed him to take his groceries and come back later with the money.  When asked about these instances, Brown had one short, yet profound, statement.

"I've gotten away with a whole lot of stuff because of this voice."

The tale of 'Private Rapunzel'

Jeff Brown has his students complete a vast amount of projects in his Comm 374 class.  However, the project he looks forward to the most in the class is the final project.  Brown talks about his favorite final project of all time he has received in the class.