Penn State Rugby

Video posted May 1, 2014 in Sports by Samantha Patterson


Katie Mueller is a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University. She is majoring in Public Relations and planning to minor in military studies as she is part of the ROTC program at the university. Although, these reasons alone would draw a graduating high school senior to Penn State, Mueller had different plans in mind.
When Mueller was a senior at Catholic Memorial in Waukesha, Wisconsin she had planned to go to college locally and play basketball. But, about a week before her high school graduation, Penn State Rugby coach Pete Steinberg, contacted Mueller offering her a spot on the team. After visiting State college and the campus she decided this was the right place for her.
Penn State rugby is the only team sport offered through the university. By being a team sport, rugby sees all the benefits of both a club and varsity team. All practices, matches, and lifting sessions are optional. However, they are offered a full-time staff of coaches, therapy trainers and strength and conditioning coach.
Despite, activities being completely optional the players always make it their first priority. Since Mueller has been a part of the team, they have traveled overseas to play in France and won a national championship in May 2013.