Penn State senior balances jazz with electronic production

Story posted March 3, 2013 in News by David Andrews

Nick Toma started playing trumpet in the school band in 5th grade.  He enjoyed excelling at the instrument, but he quickly lost interest and followed in his uncle's footsteps by pursuing guitar.

At age 16, he started giving music lessons instead of working at a restaurant or for other common first-job establishments. 

He describes his musical interest as "eclectic," playing anything from jazz to heavy metal.  He came to Penn State not looking to pursue music as a career path, instead turning to his other passion of science for a neuroscience degree.  In his free time, he likes producing electronic music.

Although he hesitates to call it an "EP" or an "album," his deathbeforedigital project can be found on Soundcloud.  He collaborated with local State College artists for production.