Penn State Senior Checklist #55: Cafe 210 West

Video posted April 4, 2016 in News by Min Xian



They say that these are the best four years of your life and that the years fly by. They are right. At this time of the year, seniors are checking off the last items on their Penn State traditions list. Spending 55 days in Cafe 210 West, one of everyone’s favorite bars in downtown State College, is one of those traditions.

Austin Griffith is a 22-year-old criminal justice senior, and he says, to him, participating 55 days of Cafe is more than just one of the most popular senior year traditions in Penn State.

“My brother did it before me,” he says, “I want to make sure I carry on the family tradition of completing it.”

The rule is simple: customers need to consume at least one food item or one drink at Cafe every day during the duration of 55 days. They must sign in for record, and must like the class rules that students are familiar with, absences are allowed with proof, and they have the chance to make up for the days missed.

The bar is seeing many participants with this event and the increasingly warm weather. For those graduating soon, it is a great chance to complete another Penn State tradition and make memory that lasts.

Video reporting by Meredith Manning, edited by Min Xian