Penn State Students COVID-19 Video Diaries

Story/Video posted April 13, 2020 in News by Kayla Simmons


Penn State students enrolled in Comm 481 sent in video diaries to their ten-day younger selves. In the video diaries, students share their fears surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and disappointment over the loss of many end of the year events.

Graduation, Blue and White weekend, and Arts Fest are just a few of the highly anticipated events that students can no longer particpate in due to the campus shut down.

Their heartfelt stories were recorded in the various cities where they are quarantined, and where many of them will remain until the new Fall 2020 semester.

Participating in the video produced by Kayla Simmons are Justin Lange, Paige Hooven, Caitlin Lee, Amanda Thieu, Carli Tornetta, Ethan Cook, Alicia Ciang, Lillian Swartzell, and Brynn Laurash.