Penn State students prepare for Hallo-weekend celebrations

Story posted October 28, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Brennan Leahy

State College is approaching Hallo-weekend and students are preparing for their annual Halloween celebrations.

Students can participate in ghostly, scary events happening around Penn State’s campus such as Spooky Storytime. Spooky stories will be read online by Tempest Productions and the event begins Friday at 6 p.m.

The event is for all ages and will include stories within the American literature scary classics at 8-10 p.m. Other types of stories being read include more modern takes on classical horror novels and stories as well.

As students prepare for this Halloween weekend extravaganza in State College and on Penn State’s campus, Daniil Rose had this to say.

“So, I know my hall has reverse trick-or-treating so they will come around and they’ll knock on your door and give you candy, which is kind of cool. I was considering going out with some friends and dressing up but I’m not sure if I have anything concretely planned yet,” Rose (first-year-computer engineering and German) said.

While other students attend Halloween events around the Penn State campus and the residence halls, Jordan Walter said what she plans on doing for Hallo-Weekend.

“I am going to my friend’s pregame party and then we’re going to my other friend’s frat party,” Walter (third-year-criminology) said.

With the Penn State fraternities throwing Halloween-themed parties this weekend, other students have plans outside of State College. Colleen O’Brien, said what she plans on doing this Hallo-Weekend.

“So, for this weekend, I’ll be watching our Penn State Crew Team in Philadelphia and then afterwards we’ll be coming back for some Halloween parties. I believe my THON committee and I will be meeting up to compare all our costumes,” O’Brien (fourth-year-Spanish and global international studies) said.

Brennan Leahy is a third-year student majoring in public relations/advertising. To contact him, email