Penn State Students React to March Madness

Story posted March 29, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Paloma Freundt

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — We are amid the annual NCAA college basketball tournament also known as March Madness and students are making the most of it.

Whether the fun comes from betting or simply getting together with some friends, basketball fans are ready to go.

Brendan Schramm, a senior and sports fan from Philadelphia shared what he’s excited about going forward. 

“March is one of my favorite months of the year. Just being able to sit down and watch some of these gifted athletes go at it every night. We are sad to see the Cinderella Story end for St. Peters yesterday but we’re all very excited for our local team, Villanova, to hopefully pull off another march madness victory.”

March madness is also a time many choose to spend with their friends, Chris DeFilippo, a senior at Penn State said this is a great time to get together with some friends and hit up some bars downtown,

“Usually for march madness, I and my buddies all usually get together we’ll end up going to Champs or P-Mans, usually anywhere with the most TVs where we can watch the games and we all will have our brackets and we’ll just pay attention to the game, see what happens, order some food, march madness is just a fun time to get everyone together.”

We’re down to the final week and Penn Staters are excited to see who our winners are.

Paloma Freundt is a third-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email