Penn State WORDS brings more than just people together

Video posted March 30, 2017 in News by Callan Clasby


Julia Gurule is not only intrigued by art, but also the ideas of the participants and the new perspectives on the people in her community.

Gurule attended the “Woke Towers in the Attic of The State Theatre” put on by Penn State WORDS on Monday, March 27 to support her boyfriend who is a marketing intern at The State College Theatre and helped organize the event.

Gurule is a junior studying labor and employment relations in women studies, so during the discussion she was able to offer her perspective on art and the topics brought up through the WORDS poets and through the struggles artists feel while attending Penn State. 

After listening to the poetry and viewing the art being made around her, she was able to participate in a discussion with other fellow artists and students about the idea of being “Woke” and its positive and negative traits, especially relating to the black culture.

(Video reporting by Callan Clasby, editing by Garrett Ross)