Penn State’s Gender Equity Center Hosts ‘It’s On Us’ Week

Story posted March 1, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Kileigh Kane

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — During the week of Feb. 21-25, Penn State’s Gender Equity Center hosted ‘It’s On Us’ week of action, where many clubs and organizations collaborated to create specialized workshops to help educate Penn State students in order to help prevent sexual violence and support survivors. 

Becca Geiger, assistant director at the Gender Equity center, describes the week of action.

“It’s all about spreading the message that really, it’s on all of us,” Geiger said, “every Penn Stater, to prevent sexual violence on our campus and support survivors.”

Three types of sessions were held throughout the week: Sexual Citizenship, Beyond the Binary and Gender and Race and Power.

Days for Girls, a club that fights against period poverty and creates a more inclusive environment when discussing menstruation, led the Beyond the Binary session. The session explored topics such as gender discrimination and gender norms.

The discussion provided informative terms and ways to help prevent gender discrimination and stereotyping. The session, led by Shaka Ramanatham, Purva Gupta and Aranya Muhunthan, offered ways to understand and recognize privilege and oppression when understanding the gender spectrum.

“We recognize the importance of having difficult conversations in all spaces, so that we can make sure that all people always feel included and respected,” Ramanatham said.

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