Penn State’s New “Lawnboyz” Chain Stirs Controversy

Story posted October 5, 2019 in News, CommRadio by Sam Marks

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – The Penn State running backs' new “Lawnboyz” chain is causing serious debate among fans.

The “Lawnboyz” chain made its debut on national television during Penn State’s most recent victory over Maryland. Several Penn State running backs were shown wearing the chain on the sidelines, including Ricky Slade and Journey Brown.

The chain has left Penn State fans divided and has sparked many mixed reactions. Some fans believe that the chain directly goes against Joe Paterno’s “success with honor” philosophy and therefore violates fundamental values that Penn State seems to pride itself on. On the other hand, many fans have embraced and fully support the chain.

Zach Siever, a junior majoring in kinesiology, believes that the chain is not causing any harm to the players and that the university is still sticking to traditional values.

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal,” Siever said. “It doesn’t affect the team in any way and we’re staying with tradition. We don’t have the last names on our jerseys and we’re still wearing the black cleats, so it’s not affecting them at all.”

While many students do support the chain, others find the chain to be disrespectful and simply unnecessary.

Bailey Winslow, a junior majoring in animal science, believes the addition of the chain doesn’t accurately represent Penn State.

“Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan about what it stands for,” Winslow said. “I feel like although the running backs are doing what they should be and doing well, it’s just kind of a misinterpretation of the team’s traditional foundation and it doesn’t really add anything.”

The chain has certainly left fans divided and students seem to fall on either side of the issue. Only time will tell if the chain will continue to be featured on the sidelines. As long as it exists, fans will continue to argue.


Sam Marks is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email