Plan B Was Always Plan A

Story posted March 18, 2015 in News by Kelli Boyle

Morgan Sichler, junior Music Education major at Penn State University, always thought that she would end up on Broadway. Growing up, she always listened to show tunes, took singing, dancing, and acting lessons, and attended prestigious summer musical theatre camps in hopes of making her Broadway dream a reality. As she grew older, however, she started to think that the competitive nature of the Broadway world was not something she wanted to put herself through.

All through high school, her biggest inspirations were her music teachers. Sichler often thought, "if I can't be on Broadway, it would be really cool to be a music teacher." Little did she know that going to Penn State would make her realize that her plan B was always her plan A. Her new dream in life is to teach and inspire the next generation of music makers. 

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