Pokémon Society: Friday Night Fights Tournament

Video posted March 20, 2013 in News by Ashley Pose and Tyler Estright


Pokémon Society President Alex Valente is a senior majoring in forensic science. The student-run organization at Penn State meets up once a week to discuss everything Pokémon. From video games to anime to the classic trading card game. Various Pokemon-related events are held like the Pokemon Society Friday Night Fights tournament or the Gym Leader challenge.

The Pokemon Society Friday Night Fights tournament is only held 2 to 3 times a semester. Alex Valente said," SPA has this awesome late night thing, so I wanted to get our club involved in that..We come to the HUB and battle on the DS."

Alex said the tournament is small compared to what they do at every weekly meeting. At each meeting there is at least a consistent group of 30 people who compete in a tournament.

"We have a really good following, we have a really nice club, we are all very good friends. This is just to get our name out there to the Penn State community." 

(Video by Tyler Estright, produced by Ashley Pose)