Portraits of State College

Photo posted March 7, 2012 in News by College of Communications

Advanced photojournalism students follow a trail, directed by their subjects, to photograph portraits around the community. The assignment, called Three Degrees of Separation, required each student to photograph three people. The first subject was to point the photographer to a second subject and that person directed the photojournalism student to their third portrait.


About the Contributors

Kelley King's photo

Kelley King

2012 Graduate / Visual Journalism

Kelley is a Penn State graduate with a major in visual journalism and a minor in sociology. She has interned as a multimedia reporter at two.one.five magazine in Philadelphia, as a lifestyle writer at the Lansdale Reporter, and worked three years on the staff of The Daily Collegian student newspaper, where she was Photo/Multimedia Chief.
In 2012 she traveled to Rio de Janeiro to do field work for Comm 402, International Reporting.

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Junior / Visual Communications

I am a Junior at Penn State University and am hoping to work in the sports photojournalism industry when I graduate.

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Laura Padilla

Senior / Visual Communications

My name is Laura Padilla. I am a senior majoring in visual communications with two minors in architecture and french.

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Sarah Norman

Senior / Visual Communications

I am a senior studying Photojournalism and English from Doylestown, PA. I would love to find some way to combine these interests, but the right idea hasn’t quite come along yet.

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Kaitlyn Knopp

Junior / Visual Communications B.A.; Labor Studies Employment Relations B.S.; Human Resou

As a Penn State junior, I am devoted to excelling in every aspect of my academics, extracurricular and eventual career. I participate in multiple majors and activities to expand my knowledge, and hopefully have a great experience along the way.

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Lindsay Lipovich

2013 Graduate / Journalism, Visual Communication

I am a visual communication student, eager to make a difference in the world. My expertise is in social media, multimedia, marketing, public relations and travel. As a May 2013 Penn State Graduate, I have the knowledge and dedication needed to provide an innovative vision in many different fields.

I am passionate about photography and traveling, preferably simultaneously…

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Catherine Frisina

Senior / Journalism - Visual communication option

I am a senior majoring in Journalism/Visual Communication and minoring in English.