Putting her best effort in the strings

Story posted March 14, 2016 in News by Min Xian

Victoria Senko is a freshman majoring in violin performance. Coming from Florida to study at Penn State, the biggest change for her doesn’t happen geologically. Now that she is in the small and tightening environment, the school of music, she finds that one simply can’t be “the best”. Making peace with that realization, she focuses on putting her best effort in music, while having fun with friends.

It shouldn’t surprise you that music is a competitive business. For a few violin seats in an assemble of the School of Music, there are more than 30 students waiting in line. Those are tough odds to fight for. “In a way, you are either competing with each other or yourself,” said Senko.

The way one chooses to deal with pressure like this is a true implication of personality. Senko is one of a kind. “I don’t treat myself as the best. I don’t think I ever will be,” said Senko. She makes peace with the realization that someone will always be better than you - only, it is not an excuse to be trapped as mediocre. She is giving her best effort everyday, knowing there are friends and families to support her.

Senko is one of the two violinists of a string quartet named Gallitzin. They started at the end of last year, and just had their first public performance as a quartet during the Common Hour concert that is held regularly in the School of Music.

“Playing with friends is the best feeling,” said Senko. All four of them find common passion in music. They try to interpret music in a way it intends to be presented, spending one weekend after another practicing scores that they love. “We try to find inspiration in what we play,” said Senko, “and we find true satisfaction every time we inspire others.”

There is a seemingly never-ending stream of passion coming from Senko. She is one of those lucky souls who follow a path of dedication, and with the unstoppable spirit, she hopes to enter a master's program to study chamber music after her college years.

“It is just my favorite thing to do,” Senko laughs.