Rank It: “Black Panther The Album” -  Kendrick Lamar

Story posted November 30, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Natalie Simone

14. “Big Shot”

Listen to this if you want a headache.

13. “Opps”

It’s almost like Kendrick Lamar wrote the lyrics without hearing the beats behind it. Missed opportunity at being innovative.

12. “Redemption Interlude”

This one gets better as time goes on, but won’t ever be something I’ll listen to again.

11. “X”

Nothing special to hear here.

10. “Black Panther”

Scary, confusing, and causes sensory overload.

9. “Paramedic!”

Could have used Justin Bieber, but will have your head bopping with the beat. Another underrated Kendrick Lamar song.

8. “Pray For Me”

A classic The Weeknd song; this one is super good (even though Kendrick Lamar outshines The Weeknd with one verse...)

7. “King’s Dead”

Tik Tok hasn’t completely ruined this song yet, and hopefully it stays that way. Still, a banger in the rap genre.

6. “All The Stars”

This one was 100% made for the girls to sing their hearts out to and obviously made to blast while driving: a 10/10 recommendation.

5. “I Am”

I wish I knew the words to this song because this is one of the prettiest sounding songs I’ve ever heard.

4. “Seasons”

Why is this not more mainstream? Vibes are great, although the lyrics aren’t in English.

3. “Bloody Waters”

Wow… Mind blowing bars in this with a unique sounding chorus.

2. “Redemption”

This one does in fact redeem “Redemption Interlude;” this is a necessary long song to the album.

1. “The Ways”

Khalid never misses; listen to this if you want to vibe and be content.


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