Rapping improves language for native-Chinese speaker

Video posted December 10, 2012 in News by Amana Kaskazi


Harrison "Tian" Huang is a student here at Penn State, majoring in criminal justice and owning his own Internet company is a lot for a 23-year-old to handle. But with this being his senior year, he is pursuing a different passion he has had since he was a child--rapping.  

Tian moved from China to Philadelphia at the age of 12 with his family, and says he was fascinated by Philly's hip-hop culture. He would listen to rappers like Jay-Z and Biggie for hours growing up and would wonder how could make clever rhymes and great beats.

 Tian has been working tirelessly for the past ten years to perfect his English. He has recently taken the extra step to improve his English with his passion for rap.

He began writing rhymes and rapping a year ago. Infusing his Asian and American culture together, Tian combines his love of Asia food and women with the hip hop lifestyle he has experienced and heard about in his favorite rap songs. 

He recorded his first rap single "Jet Lee" over the weekend in one of The LION 90.7FM studios in town. Tian sees this just a hobby. One thing is for sure, he is excited to show off his improved English and new found talent.

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