Red Cross

Story posted September 30, 2014 in CommRadio, News by Taylor Bisacky


            While Penn Staters bleed blue, they also bleed red for Red Cross efforts. Each year, an estimated 38% of the U.S. population is eligible to donate, but less than 10% actually do. To increase that percentage, Penn State’s Red Cross Club hosts a variety of blood drive campaigns that spread awareness and promote donations. These campaigns include Bleed Blue, Penn State - Michigan State Blood Donor Challenge, THON blood drives, and Penn State – Ohio State Blood Battle.

            Bleed Blue runs from August to October and offers donors a chance to win Penn State game packages.

            This November is the 21st annual PSU-MSU challenge, which is a competition between the two schools to collect the most blood over a three-week period. So far, Penn State’s record is 13-7 with MSU. November also hosts the Alpha Epsilon Delta Blood Cup, a competition within Penn State organizations and clubs.

            THON blood drives begin in December and run through THON weekend in February. For every donor, $4 will be given to THON from the organization of the donor’s choosing.

            In March, Penn State will kick off its competition against Ohio State for the most blood collected. Both schools will schedule 1,300 units of blood and battle for the most donors and pints, as one pint can save up to three lives. The competition runs through April. If as little as 5 percent of Penn State University Park students donated blood, approximately 2,500 units could be collected. While this could surpass the goal of 1,300 units against Ohio State, it could also save up to 833 lives. Penn State is winning 3-1, displaying Penn State’s accomplishments not only among the Big Ten but also schools across the country. 

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