Same dream two perspective

Video posted April 30, 2015 in News by Keyla Medrano


Alex Church has been playing music for as long as he remembers. He always wanted to play the guitar but his parents had other plans for him. They signed him up for piano lessons for years which Church really hated. When they finally gave him the option to start playing other instruments he picked up the guitar. Once he started learning to play music he enjoys he went on to play both piano and guitar. Church says that playing the piano with song you want to play, makes it more enjoyable.

His first attempted to form a band was in junior high with some buddies but it didnt quite go anywhere. Now in college he was able to dedicate more time to playing. Sometimes its difficult for him because he is a full-time student and find time to play is getting hard for him because he is also a full time student studying print journalism and history.

The band Big on Wall Street was started by Church and his friend in their freshmen year. The members are Ben Wortman, who plays guitar and helps write music, Casey Snyder on the drums, and the lead guitarist is Stephans Burns who started playing with them just a couple months ago. Church says he adds something new and refreshing to the band. Church plays the guitar and he is also a singer. Church does not view their practice as a burden, he sees it as going to have a good time and hanging out with friends. 

They have a five track demo they've been working on. They haven't send it to anyone yet because they feel like they can do so much better if they have better equipment. Church says they have been having a hard time finding gigs because they're material is far from where they want it to be. They wanted to play original music at the bars but they are willing to play covers so they can buy better equipment to work on their original music.