Series Grades: Wisconsin

Story posted January 28, 2018 in CommRadio, Sports by Aidan Bitterman

The weekend series could have gone a lot differently for Penn State as they took on Wisconsin, losing both games, one of them in a shootout. They blew third period leads in both games.

Offense: B

Penn State’s offense did a fine job at Wisconsin. It was far from spectacular, but it could have easily been worse. They managed to fire 37 shots on net in the first game, and then another 36 on Saturday. The offense was able to get enough shots off, they just were unable to put those shots in the net.

Defense: C

The defense was not good this weekend. Wisconsin’s offense dominated both games and most of the action was spent in the Nittany Lion defensive zone. The Lions had trouble breaking the puck out of the zone, and even when they were able to, it was not long before the Badgers were right back in Penn State’s zone.

Goaltending: B-

Peyton Jones wasn’t awful this weekend, but he did allow seven goals in the two games. Wisconsin managed a total of 67 shots on goal over the two games, and Jones stopped 59 of them, but it is still difficult for a team to win when their goalie allows three goals in one and then four in another.

Coaching: D

When you blow a multiple-goal lead in the third period, it has to fall on the coaching staff. The Nittany Lions took leads into the third period of both games and blew both of them. The quality of play was lacking in the third period of both games, but in the first two periods, Penn State looked like they were going to win. The team looked tired for the final 20 minutes and the energy was not there. Guy Gadowsky and the rest of his staff needs to change something up before next weekend.

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