Sights and sounds of THON 2020

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THON estimates that about one in three undergraduates at University Park, more than 16,000 students, participate directly in the 46-hour charity event.

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This coverage is organized by time, from most recent to preparing for the event. If you're new to THON, Centre County Report reprter Jamie Burton provides a preview of the event.

THON has this interactive timeline that charts the history of the event.

CommMedia has a comprehensive timeline of all of 2020 social media coverage.

CommMedia coverage of past THONs has been archived by date:

This blog organizes coverage by day and time:

  • Sunday: On the home stretch
  • Saturday: In Rhythm
  • Friday evening: Launch time
  • Preparation
  • Timeline: THON 2020

Sunday: The Reveal

After 46 hours of adrenaline, the final burst of energy sweeps across the Bryce Jordan Center as the total is revealed, surpassing the previous year's find-raising by just more than a million dollars.

Sunday: On the home stretch

Dancer Keith Rieser's mom, Sue, drove to University Park to support her son, then waited outside the Bryce Jordan Center on a beautiful spring day for him to emerge after 46 hours on his feet.



This super senior engineering student treasures her experience of going to THON as a sophomore, but chose to study Sunday afternoon as events at the Bryce Jordan Center approached their peak.


This crew of volunteers was still going strong in the wee hours of Sunday morning.




Penn State sophomore Lailah Goldberg is working her second THON as a member of the Rules and Regulations Committee. Despite being on the job well after midnight, and spending much of her time saying, "No," Goldberg still has a positive attitude. She says she was inspired To volunteer at THON by one friend and has stayed after making many, many more friends.



Many of the fund-raising organizations at THON have been active for years. And, as this series of images shows, some reflect evolving student interests and are new.





Saturday: In Rhythm

Energy radiates out of the Bryce Jordan Center when a popular band takes the stage.




THON isn't just about what happens on the main floor of the Bryce Jordan Center. Most people attending the event take turns occupying the seats above the dancers and THON families. They stand in solidarity. Many are there to cheer on specific dancers:



Some people dress up to stand out in the crowd.




Meanwhile, across the state and away from the crowded BJC, a THON fund-raiser sends out thank you notes during the event to her donors




One of the featured elements of THON is a line dance specific to that year's year's theme.



Each of the thousands of students participating in THON has a story behind why they are there. Here is a sampling, from in the stands and on the BJC dance floor.






Friday evening: Launch time

Students and THON families pack the Bryce Jordan Center as the event begins.



Student-run 46 Live streams the event through the THON's website, allowing alums to follow the event across the state and around the world.



Preparing for THON



Staying awake and standing for 46 hours straight is no easy task. Reagan Mulholland, a senior majoring in Photojournalism, was chosen to be an independent dancer for THON 2020 after she experienced THON for the first time last year. Mulholland was able to be on the floor last year for one of her classes where she experienced first hand all of the work that went into the event and decided she wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself.

~ Video reporting by Caitlin Lee


Timeline: THON 2020




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