Simply Karol

Video posted December 7, 2016 in News by Kaitlyn Miranda


Karol Rodriguez is a Penn State student who has combined social media and personal experiences to create an outlet of positivity. Karol has a large following on social media because of her inspirational posts, makeup tutorials and singing videos.

She believes that by being open with her followers, she can truly make a change in an individual’s life. She has encountered a number of trials of tribulations. Instead of letting it control her, she controlled all the negative things and utilized it to her advantage.

Karol uses social media as an outlet to speak to people going through similar experiences such as body shaming, bullying, school issues and more. She uses the power of her voice as an outlet to express herself and as a form of therapy. Karol came into Penn State with the hope of being a forensic science major. That quickly changed after she competed in her first talent show and saw what her true passion in life.

Today, Karol is a music major and says she is happier than ever. Karol continues to use social media to spread body positivity, personal advice and makeup tutorials. She wants her followers to really see the beauty in just being and staying true to yourself.