Smoking For Generations

Video posted March 20, 2013 in News by Michael Lombardo


George Xie started smoking tobacco at the young age of 15. His family has been rolling and smoking their own tobacco for as long as he can trace back, and Xie believes that they originated out of the opium trade. With his grandfather still alive and smoking his own cigars at the age of 86, Xie sees no immediate health concerns that could influence him to quit. The most detouring factor, is the price.

Xie saves extra money by purchasing bulk amounts of tobacco, and rolling it himself like his family before him. Xie also gets pride out of doing this. He used to roll his own cigarettes as well as cigars, but finds smoking the leafs of actual tobacco much more enjoyable than cigarette paper. Depending on his mood, Xie will smoke anywhere from two to ten cigars in a single day.

"It's the best method there is to calm your nerves," Xie said. Though he enjoys and embraces smoking tobacco, Xie usually keeps his smoking habits to himself. He enjoys smoking with his friends occasionally, but doesn't like wasting his higher end tobacco on people who don't, "appreciate the plant," as much.

"It makes for a good time." Xie says.