Sonic Stories

Audio posted September 18, 2015 in News by Comm 481 Students

Inspired by a project at public radio station WCAI in Cape Cod, students went in search of what the station calls Sonic IDs. Short vignettes that capture "...little fragments of life as lived by our neighbors."


Amanda Vonder Schmalz isn’t just a Chipotle workaholic, she also loves food.  Perhaps she is just living up to her name.

~ by Cara Markward


Dan Kramer pursues his passion for music by playing his guitar on the street in downtown State College. He writes many of his own songs and collaborates with his friend Christian when they perform.

~ by Haley Nelson


Amy Rae Johnson rushes through her life story to discuss the one thing she’s waited for all of these years – a partner.  Johnson, 46,  moved around the world throughout her life. She was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, went to college in Colorado then moved to the East Coast to write a novel.
After spending fifteen years writing her book, she decided not to publish it and found a waitressing job in State College, Pennsylvania.
After never considered online dating, Johnson decided to try it out three years ago. In just three minutes online she found a woman also named Amy.

~ by Georgie Wayne


As a single girl in a college town Gabrielle Hoyah has heard countless pickup lines. Hoyah is the only single woman among her close friends. She recently heard a line for the first time that left her nearly breathless with laughter.

~by Valentine Ndibalema