SPA Lecture: Speakers on Domestic Violence

Story posted October 16, 2019 in CommRadio, News by Robert D’Amato

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Last week, nearly 200 people gathered in Heritage Hall to hear a speech about domestic abuse, sexual violence and the #MuteRKelly movement.

The Student Programming Association hosted political strategist and lobbyist Kenyette Barnes and Riverdale actress Robin Givens, who chairs the Women Who Care organization.

Penn State graduate student Bema Anponsah attended the lecture and said that she found the topics discussed important.

“I’m interested, like the #MuteRKelly, the whole scenario... I want to learn more about that,” Anponsah said.

Barnes gave insight about her attempts to stop R. Kelly from performing concerts around America, and she said that he should be taken in for his crimes against minors.

Penn State freshman Breanna Pancheri also attended the event to hear about the criminal aspects of the topic.

“Aggravated assault, that’s what we are talking about—violent crimes and property crimes.” Breanna Panchari said.

Following the speech, audience members asked Barnes and Givens questions before giving a standing ovation.



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